(written between 1943 and 1948)

Early History of the Toombs Family


Thomas Toombs was born on February 7, 1795 and died October 22, 1852. Ann Toombs, his wife, born in 1789, died May 7, 1857. They came from Buckinghamshire, England and from central New York to Burlington, Wisconsin in 1839. Both are buried in the Burlington Cemetery.

Their children were:

  1. Elizabeth Toombs, born August 6, 1818, married Herman Loomis lived on the farm next to the Toombs place. Their children were Caroline, who married Frank Amos and lived on the other side of the Toombs farm. Frank and Caroline had one daughter, Mrs. Edith Morris, and she has two daughters. Frank Amos was engaged in the lumber business in Oshkosh. The Loomis' other children were Charles, Mary (Mrs. Earle), and Charlotte (Mrs. Wortman) of Burlington.

  2. Samuel Toombs, born February 24, 1820, married Artemesia Rose in 1849. They lived on the old Toombs place and had three children: Sarah Adelaide, born February 15, 1851, who married William Bushnell. She died November 30, 1936. They had one child - Ida M. Bushnell, born 1875 and still living on the Bushnell farm.
    Samuel and Artemesia had two sons: Jerome Toombs of Orson, Iowa, born March 6, 1863 and died at Pompays Pillar, Montana, January 22, 1943. Both Jerome and Albert were married but had no children.
    Samuel Toombs died November 4, 1902.

  3. The next son of Thomas and Ann was William, born January 31, 1824.

  4. Sarah Toombs, born August 22, 1827, married Asa Hollister and they and the Amos' were engaged in the lumber business. They are dead now. Their children were William, Semour, and Guy, all of Oshkosh and also in the lumber business.

  5. Aurilla, born August 13, 1830, married John Edmonds, blacksmith and first wagon-maker of Burlington. They had two sons, James and Clark, both now dead.

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