(written in 1960)

Notes by Irene MacBeth


Dec. 27, 1960

Dear Mary

I had this letter already stamped for AIR MAIL so decided to use it. It looks like a rush letter.

I thought you'd enjoy Shirley's letter (Marian Toms daughter). She sounds like a perfect mother and her children must be grand with such guidance, they are lucky children with such parents so interested in their children.

Marian wrote that she might see us the week after Chirstmas so I am keeping close to home. I don't want to miss her.

The Holiday rush isn't over yet. We are going to a party Saturday night at the home of members of our 31 club, also a New Year's Eve party is planned. I think it is good to keep busy. In this club we get to belong to something with Lawrence's brothers, Bill and Betty of Sacramento, Roy and Arlyne of Wheatland, they come to Roseville for the parties. I belong to other clubs but this one is special to me because we both belong.

I have so much writing to do must make my notes short.

Hope the little history enclosed is some of what you want. Aunt Mary Swansborough and Gia Sarah Toombs Sexton helped me with the history I have. I have much more.


Best wishes for the New Year and always,
Irene Mac Beth


*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *


(The last sentence indicates the letter was written in June 1969, during the moonwalk.)


Frances Maria Smith Toombs (Mrs. A. M. Toombs)
Born in New York Sept. 24, 1825
Passed away April 10, 1892
Buried in Union Cemetery, Placerville

William Toombs born Buckinghamshire, England Jan 31, 1824.
Passed away April 8, 1892, buried in Placerville, Union Cemetery.

They were married August 1847, had five children, Ellen, Mary, Sarah, William and Charles.
(Francis and William would be your great grand parents same as to Lawrence. Great great to our children)

Your Great, Great Grandmother Nancy Drake Smith married in 1817 at the age of 16 to James Smith. She was the daughter of Tomas Geraud and John Drake. Born at Sackett harbor, New York. She had 2 children, a boy and a girl Frances Maria (Toombs). Gra Smith passed away at White Rock Canyon, El Dorado Co. Calif on Dec 29 1879.

Nancy Drake Smith is buried in Union Cemetery in Placerville has a lovely monument on it. We visit all the graves in Union Cemetery on Memorial Day.

Up to 1938 the old home at White Rock Canyon was still there. I have a picture of it. All these folks lived there, and passed away there.

Aunt Mary wrote up a nice family history for us some time I'll have one of the girls type a copy for you. I have pictures of all these folks. I could go on and on I have collected so much very interesting.

Hope you can read this. I am trying to watch astronauts on TV and write.


by Irene MacBeth




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