Upper Marie Creek
Bedrock Mortar Site
(Napa County)

Upper Marie Creek was the site of an ancient food-gathering camp in the mountains that was probably associated with the Southern Patwin Village of Napato (Napa). Today it is in Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa County. There are some nice bedrock mortars here, as well as a house pit and some fire rings, that require an uphill hike of about 3 miles to get to. The parking lot for the park is at 2201 Imola Ave. in Napa, and it is the trailhead for the hike to the bedrock mortars. The park website has more information.


Upper Marie Creek Site (Food-gathering camp)
Skyline Park - Upper Marie Creek site (open to the public)
This site is probably an ancient food-gathering camp of the Napato people, who were intermarried with the Suisune and Tolenas. It is near a telephone pole that sits just off the Tuteur Loop trail. There is a rock slab here with 30 or so bedrock mortars that are next to a spring. Just uphill from the mortars is a large house pit that was probably a ceremonial lodge, and there are also a couple of interesting groups of stones that might be ancient fire rings, rather than more recent fire rings left by ranchers.





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