Upper Suisun Valley
Bedrock Mortar Sites
(Solano County)

Upper Suisun Valley was once the site of the Southern Patwin Village of Sonetro, which was on the east side of Suisun Creek, and just a little over 4 miles north of the Village of the Suisun (also called the village of YulYul - see the Rockville Hills sites). Sonetro was probably closely associated with YulYul, which was also probably much larger. Close to Sonetro are two bedrock mortar sites, which were probably food gathering camps for the main village. Both sites are on private property with no public access.


Upper Suisun Valley Sites (Villages of Sonetro)
Rockville Trails Preserve - Green Valley Creek site (docent guided hikes only)
This site is a large slab with more than 30 bedrock mortars. It is on land is owned by the Solano Land Trust, which also owns the Lynch Canyon preserve. They plan to open up Rockville Trails to recreational use in the near future.

38.275167, -122.150183

Ledgewood Creek site (private property - no public access allowed)
This site is a small slab with 7 bedrock mortars and 2 cupules. Nearby and across a gully are two large boulders containing 4 more unusually large mortar holes that are probably much older than the others.

38.299092, -122.112536




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