T is also for Tolenas

Tolenas, by Robert

The Tolenas Native Americans:

The Tolenas tribe was part of a group of Indians called the Patwins. The Tolenas lived in Upper Suisun. In the summer months the Tolenas moved to the marshes and lived in tule huts made by wood, mud, and twigs. Here is how they build the tule huts. First, they build a frame of a dome out of wood then cover that with mud to make it stiff and last they went inside it and dug a dome in the ground. In the winter months they lived in Rockville area and built lodges. They ate wild game such as rabbit, deer, or wild ducks. The Tolenas wore a clothing called loincloth. They thought the acorn was the staff of life. They called it this because the acorns were plentiful. In the Fall they had an acorn holiday and they to them it was the beginning of a new year. On this holiday they collected acorns and cracked the shell and took out the nut. Then they would grind the acorn nuts using a rock called mortar and a pestle. Once the nut was ground, the women leached the mush. After the leaching process was done the women would pour clean water on it over and over again sometimes they would take a taste of the mush and if it still tasted bitter they would put more water on it.

The Tolenas Springs:

There is a spring called the "Land Of The Healing Waters" that was named by the Tolenas tribe. It is on a hill 5 miles north from Suisun city. In 1859 there were four springs called While Sulpher, Empire, Congress, and Seltzer. Baths were built on the grounds and the water was sold as" Tolenas Springs Water".

Tolenas School:

There is a school named after the Tolenas tribe called Tolenas Elementary School. When it first was built it was a one-room schoolhouse that farm kids attended. When Tolenas was first built it was a one room school house that farm kids attended now Tolenas has four kindergarten classes, four first grade classes, four second grade classes, four 3rd grade classes, three 4th grade, three 5th grade, two 6th classes, and four G.A.T.E (gifted and talented education) classes which are grades 3rd through 6th.

The Tolenas Land Grant:

The Tolenas land grant was part of a Mexican land grant that was called "Las Tolenas Rancho". Jose Armijo bought it in 1837.


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