V is for Vallejo

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General Mariano G. Vallejo by Katherine

General Marino Guadalupe Vallejo just might be interesting to learn about. That's why I wrote this.

Vallejo was born in Monterey, California on July 7,1808.While young, Vallejo loved to read and write. When Vallejo was 11 a group of Vallejo's county's enemies invaded one of the forts in Monterey. The enemies won and forced everyone who lived there to move away with few possessions. After this Vallejo decided to enter the army.

When Vallejo entered the army he wanted the coastal forts to be strengthened remembering what happened 5 years ago. On March 6, 1832 Vallejo married Francisca Benicia Carrillo. Francisca was 16 years old when she married Vallejo, who was 24 years old!

In 1834 Vallejo was asked to build a military fort in Sonoma. The government needed the fort so they could protect their land from the Russians. In this same year Vallejo earned a 66,000-acre land grant from the government. This land grant was known as Rancho Petaluma.

In 1836 Vallejo met Sem Yeto, a Suisun Indian. Sem Yeto is also known as Chief Solono. In 1837 Vallejo was one of the wealthiest men in California. In 1844 Vallejo earned another land grant called Rancho Soscol. This land grant is now Solano County.


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