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  1. Thomas Barnes (c.1623-1691/93) was born in England and as a boy sailed to America, where the first mention of him is in the New Haven Colony of Connecticut in 1643 or 1644 when he came of age and was admitted to the colony. If he was 21-years old when the colony accepted him, he would have been born about 1623. Then in June 1649 he received a parcel of land - "The meddow and second devission of upland is granted to John Brocket and Thomas Barnes." Many genealogies freely confuse this Thomas Barnes (of New Haven County) with a different Thomas Barnes, of Farmington township in adjacent Hartford County, whose wife Mary was hanged as a witch in 1663. Because both men immigrated from England, probably in the 1630s, and lived in colonial Connecticut in adjacent counties, it is quite difficult to keep the facts concerning them separate, but they are indeed unrelated individuals. To add to this confusion, there were two other Thomas Barnes in the nearby Massachusetts Colony who were alive at about the same time (Trescott, 1907, p. 4-5).

    Thomas Barnes of New Haven married a woman named Elizabeth about 1647 and lived with her there until about 1660 or 1665, afterwhich they moved to North Haven, then later to that part of Middletown known as Middlefield, where he died in either 1691 or 1693. He left a will, dated Feb. 25, 1683, in which he names his children. Various online genealogies give his birthplace as Barking, Essex, name his parents, and give the surname of his wife, but as none provide any documentation, these claims are suspect.

    children - BARNES

    John Barnes (b. 1648) is mentioned in his father's will.
    Elizabeth Barnes (b. 1650) is mentioned in her father's will.
    Thomas Barnes (1653-1712) is mentioned in his father's will.
    Mercy Barnes (b. 1655) is mentioned in her father's will.
    Abigail Barnes (1656/57-1723) is mentioned in her father's will.
    Daniel Barnes (1659-c.1740) is mentioned in his father's will.
    Martha Barnes (b. 1661) is mentioned in her father's will.
    Maibee (Maybe) Barnes (1663-1749) is mentioned in his father's will. He follows:


  2. Maibee (Maybe) Barnes (1663-1749), the son of Thomas Barnes and Elizabeth was born June 25, 1663 in Middletown, Connecticut; and married Elizabeth Stowe, the daughter of the Rev. Samuel Stowe of Middleton and Hope Flether, on Nov. 19, 1690 in Middleton. He died March 6, 1748/1749 in Middletown.

    children - BARNES

    Nathaniel Barnes (1691-?)
    Elizabeth Barnes (1693-1752)
    Samuel Barnes (1695-1789)
    Ebenezer Barnes (1697-1798), who follows:
    Thomas Barnes (1700-1789)
    Joseph Barnes (1702-74)
    Gershom Barnes (1705-?)


  3. Ebenezer Barnes (1697-1798), the son of Maibee Maybe Barnes and Elizabeth Stowe was born Sept. 19, 1697 in Middletown, Connecticut; and married Mehitable Miller (1707-1776) on Dec. 22, 1727, probably in Middletown. He died Jan. 17, 1798 in Middletown.

    children - BARNES

    Isaac Barnes (1728-1728)
    Ebenezer Barnes (1730-1798)
    Amos Barnes (1732-1824)
    Rhoda Barnes (1734-?)
    Elijah Barnes (1736-1760)
    Mehitable Barnes (1739-?)
    Benjamin Barnes (1741-1834), who follows:
    Phineas Barnes (1744-1832)
    Rebecca Barnes (1748-?)
    Jeremiah Barnes (1751-1845)


  4. Capt. Benjamin Barnes (1741-1834), the son of Ebenezer Barnes and Mehitable Miller was born March 8, 1741 in Middletown, Connecticut. He served with the British as a teenager in the French and Indian War (1754-1763) and is said by one of his grandsons to have been at Fort William Henry in 1757 when General Montcalm led a French and Indian contingent in sloops and canoes up Lake Champlain to destroy the fort. Benjamin was captured by Indians while carrying provisions to the fort by Ox team, but escaped and made his way to Fort Edward.

    He moved to Granville, Massachusetts sometime between 1750 and 1760, where he married Mary Coe (1739-1795), the daughter of Ephraim and Hannah Miller Coe on May 12, 1763. He bought land in 1769, 1770 and 1772, and built a house where he raised his family.

    Benjamin took up arms again during the American Revolution. A summary of his military record follows (Barnes, 1911, p. 3-5).

    • Enlisted in Granville, Mass. on May 6, 1775 in Col. Timothy Danielson's Regiment of the Massachusetts Militia and served as a Second Corporal, appearing on the August 1, 1775 muster and pay roll of Capt. Lebbeus Ball's Company. He returned to Granville on Oct. 6, 1775. Later his signature appears with others on an order, dated Dec. 22, 1775 at Camp Roxbury, concerning compensation for eight months service in Ball's Company.
    • Commissioned a 2nd lieutenant on April 26, 1776 in Col. John Moseley's Regiment (3rd Hampshire Company) of the Massachusetts Militia, serving in Capt. Aaron Coe's Company. He later appears as a lieutenant on Coe's muster and pay role. He engaged in Oct. 21, 1776, and returned home on Nov. 17, 1776, having marched under the command of Lt. Col. Timothy Robinson to reinforce the Northern Army.
    • Appears as a lieutenant in Col. John Moseley's Regiment (Hampshire Company) of the Massachusetts Militia on the muster and pay role of Capt. William Cooley's Company. He engaged in July 19, 1777, returning home to Granville briefly on Aug. 12, before being engaged again on Aug. 17, and returning home once more on Aug. 19. The Company initially marched to support the Northern Army, and quelled an alarm at Benington on the second engagement.
    • Appears as a 2nd lieutenant in Col. Israel Chapin's (3rd) regiment, in Samuel Sloper's Company. He engaged Oct. 15, 1779, and discharged Nov. 22. The regiment was raised to support the Continental Army for 3 months.
    • Appears as a Captain in Col. John Moseley's Regiment (Hampshire Company) of the Massachusetts Militia at the head of his own company, which marched to quell a mob in Northhampton on June 12 and 16, 1782.

    His first wife Mary died in 1795, afterwhich he married Lucretia Sackett, who was two years his senior and twice a widow. Lucetia died before him in 1832, and he died June 13, 1834, being buried in the West Granville Cemetery in Granville, Hampden County, Massachusetts (see ).

    children - BARNES

    Rhoda Barnes (1764-?)
    Elijah Barnes (1766-1815), who follows:
    Anah Barnes (1768-1857)
    Lucy Barnes (1772-1845)
    Benjamin Barnes, Jr. (1776-1845)


  5. Elija Barnes (1766-1815), the son of Benjamin Barnes and Mary Coe was born March 13, 1766 in Granville, Massachusetts; and married Sally Hull Bogge (1770-1860) on Oct. 1, 1792 in Granville. He and Sally moved to the northeast part of New York state, where they were living with their seven children at the time of the War of 1812. Although Elija was opposed to the war, he was unintentionally drawn into it in the following manner, as related by his descendant Able Tuttle Barnes (1911).

    "Among some boarders his family kept was one Capt. Finney, who had come to the town to enlist a company for the war. Being a foppish dude, he did not take well and met with poor success. Elijah, in a joking way, said, 'if he had enlisting orders he could raise a company in half the time he had been at work.' The Captain took him at his word, gave him a sergeant's commission with power to enlist, with verbal promise that when the squad was formed he, Finney, would take charge and release Elijah. The company was soon enlisted, when the sergeant (Elijah) got orders from headquarters to march his company into line, there being no redress he obeyed, although it was very repugnant to him. After the battle of Plattsburg, the division to which he belonged was ordered to Niagara. The march was made on foot. After arrival at Niagara he took part in the battles of Chippewa and Lundy's Lane, when he took a servere cold, obtained a furlough and started for home. His cold developed into pneumonia. He reached Albany, was admitted to the hospital at Greenbush across the river, where he died soon after, without reaching home or seeing any of his family."

    children - BARNES

    Laura Barnes (1793-1863)
    Lucy Barnes (1795-1843)
    Benjamin Coe Barnes (1797-1830)
    Thompson Sackett Barnes (1799-1901), who follows:
    Sally H. Barnes (1803-1877)
    Dennis Barnes (1806-1899)
    Sophia Ann Barnes (1811-1859)


  6. Thompson Sackett Barnes (1799-1901), the son of Elijah Barnes and Sally H.Bogge was born Dec. 17, 1799 in Panton, Vermont; married Jane Potts Talbot on March 21, 1824 in Essex, New York. Shortly thereafter he and his wife moved to Minerva, New York, where they lived the remainder of the their lives. Thompson died Oct. 17, 1901 in Minerva, having lived in three centuries. His wife Jane was born about 1804 Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland and came to the United States during one of the potato famines. She died on Jan. 28, 1880 in Minerva. Both Jane and Thompson are buried in the Saint Marys Cemetery in Irishtown, Eseex County, New York (see )

    children - BARNES

    Edwin Martin Barnes (1825-1902)
    Dennis Edwin Barnes (1827-1864)
    Samuel Cook Barnes (1829-?)
    Sarah Ann Barnes (1829-1875)
    Benjamin Coe Barnes (1832-1918), who follows:
    Margaret Thompson Barnes (1834-1885)
    Laura Amelia Barnes (1836-1883)
    Lucy Jane Barnes (1838-1871)
    Charles Talbot "CT" Barnes (1840-1926)
    Wesley Barnes (1842-1940)
    William Hall Barnes (1844-?)


  7. Benjamin Coe Barnes (1832-1918), the son of Thompson Sackett Barnes and Jane Potts Talbot, was born Jan. 19, 1832 in Essex, New York; and married Rosanna A. Johnston on July 1, 1858 somewhere in Iowa. He and Rosanna resided in different pats of the state and he died in _______, 1918 in Lisbon, Iowa.

    children - BARNES

    Charles Barnes (1859-1859)
    Carrie Lillian Barnes (1861-1934)
    Nellie Janet Barnes (1862-1920)
    Laura Adelaide Barnes (1864-1930)
    Lucy Rose Barnes (1865-1964), who follows:
    Ada Skinner Barnes (1869-?)
    Marian C. Barnes (1872-1930)
    Mary Barnes (1873-?)


  8. Lucy Rose Barnes (1865-1964), the daughter of Benjamin Coe Barnes and Rosanna Johnson was born Oct. 29, 1865 in Burr Oak, Iowa; and married Fred Ellsworth Bourne (1864-1956) on Dec. 23, 1891 in Nora Springs, Floyd County, Iowa. Fred Bourne, like his wife Lucy, has an ancestry extending back to the 1600s in Colonial America, which is covered in the Bourne Family Genealogy. Lucy died June 2, 1964 in Dos Palos, Calif.

    children - BOURNE

    Willard Stewart Bourne (1893-1988), who follows:
    Mildred Janet Bourne (1894-1972) married James Ewing Gardner (1894-1959)
    Donald Ellsworth Bourne (1894-1972)


  9. Willard Stewart Bourne (1893-1988), the son of Fred Ellsworth Bourne and Lucy Rose Barnes, was born Jan 9, 1893 in Beatrice, Nebraska. He married Shirley Jarrett (1902-1908) on Dec. 27, 1920 in Vallejo, Calif. Shirley had been born on June 12, 1902 in California and was the daughter of Joseph Jarrett (1879-1934) and Vina Doke (1882-1967), and the grandaughter of Napoleon Jarrett (1837-1922) and Laura Morrow (c.1841-1927). Napoleon is of French-Canadian ancestry, and he and Laura are buried in the Visalia Public Cemetery in Tulare County, California. Joseph and Vina are also buried at the Visalia Public Cemetery. Willard and Shirley divorced after their daughter Betty was born, afterwhich Willard was living in Hawaii in 1930, before moving back to California. He does not appear to have remarried, and died Sept. 5, 1988 in San Diego, Calif. His ex-wife Shirley died on Sept 13, 1988 and is buried in Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.

    children - BOURNE

    Betty B. Bourne (b. 1921), who follows:


  10. Betty B. Bourne (b. 1921), the daughter of Willard Stewart Bourne and Shirley Jarrett was born on Aug. 20, 1921 in Siskiyou County, California. Her parents divorced when she was young, and when her mother Shirley married a second time, Betty was adopted by her stepfather Gordon Wesley Loney (1907-1993), the Loneys being one of the pioneer families of Gordon Valley in Napa County. Betty first married Henry Blake MacKenzie (b. Nov. 17, 1918), with whom she had three children, who are listed below. Her first husband died March 20, 1984 in Napa County, California, and he is buried in nearby Rockville Cemetery. Afterwards, Betty married her second husband John Derald Lopez (b. July 8, 1920) about 1992 in Solano County. John died on Sept. 30, 2015 at the home in Gordon Valley, Napa County, California where and Betty lived.

    children - MACKENZIE

    Carolyn Marie MacKenzie was born Aug. 30, 1942 in Solano County, California.
    Gerald Joseph MacKenzie was born March 3, 1945 in Solano County, California.
    Shirley Marian MacKenzie was born March 14, 1950 in Solano County, California.




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