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  1. Jared (Garrett, Jarrett) Bourne (Bowrne) (1614-1681) was born in 1614 in Bobbingworth, Essex County, England. He sailed to Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet, a group of eleven ships led by John Winthrop that brought 700 Puritans to New England. Jared is listed in the Winthrop records as Garrett Bourne, and although his ship is not known, it would have been either the Arbella (flagship), Ambrose, William and Francis, Talbot, Hopewell, Jewel, Whale, Charles, Success, Mayflower, or Trial. His older brother Richard Bourne (1610-1682) came to the colonies also, on a later voyage in 1634, and settled about 1635 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Richard settled soon afterward in Barnstable County, Massachusetts where he married, had several children, and died a Reverand. Jared Bourne's name appears many times in the colonial records of Muddy River, Massachusetts (a part of Boston until the town of Brookline was incorporated in 1705), and Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Some of the highlights from these records are summarized below.

    Jared married his first wife Mary Uxor (1614-1644) in 1634 in Boston, Massachusetts. There apparently is some evidence that Mary had a son Jaratt Bourn who was born in 1643, and died that same year.

    Jared was admitted to the church in Boston on April 22, 1634, and he took the freeman's oath on May 6, 1635.

    Jared became one of the first land owners in Boston when on November 8, 1637 (some sources give Dec. 18) he received 8 acres of land along with 59 others. Recorded deeds show that over the years he bought or received other grants of land as well.

    Jared's first wife Mary died, and Jared married his second wife, a woman named Frances (b. 1614), in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Either Mary's death or the marriage to Frances took place on Mar 30, 1644, but is uncertain which event the date pertains to. It is possible that Mary died in childbirth.

    Jared is appointed constable on January 12, 1653, and Edward Devotion replaced him in this office on August 9, 1654.

    Jared removed from Boston (Muddy River) to Rhode Island on Feb. 13, 1654.

    Jared sold land he held at Cambridge in 1664, then sold his lands in Boston in 1665.

    Jared is admitted as an inhabitant of Portsmouth, Rhode Island on January 23, 1665.

    Jared continued to reside in Portsmouth until after 1667, for on October 30, 1667 he was a deputy in the General Assembly (Legislature) of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

    William Brenton, then (1666-1669) the Governor of Rhode Island, had arrived in Massachusetts in 1630 with Jared in the Winthroup fleet, and he employed Jared at the stone garrison house in Mattapoisett (now Gardner's Neck in Swansea). This garrison during King Philip's War (1675-1676) became known as the BOURN GARRISON HOUSE, for when hostilities began colonists from the surrounding country fled there with their families for refuge under Jared's command, where they were besieged by Indians until relieved by troops sent from Massachusetts. Jared was probably still living in 1681, as among the names of a coroner's jury on August 2, 1681 his son Jarrett Bourne is listed as Jr., presumably to distinguish him from the elder Jarett Bourne. There is no record of his the elder Jared's death, but he is believed to have died about 1683 in Swansea, Somerset County, Massachusetts, and to be buried with no marker in the Bourn Cemetery in Somerset, Massachusetts.

    children - BOURNE (with Elizabeth Brayton)

    Jared Bourne (1651-1718), who follows:


  2. Jared Bourne (1651-1718), the son of Jared Bourne and Frances, was born March 7, 1651 in Brookline ("Muddy River"), Massachusetts; and married Elizabeth Brayton (1681-1718) on Dec. 8, 1681 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He died Oct. 13, 1718 in Swansea, Massachusetts.

    children - BOURNE

    William Bourne (1684-1711).
    Martha Bourne (1686-1728).
    Francis Bourn (1693-1758), who follows:
    Elizabeth Bourne (1694-1792).
    Patience Bourne (1718-1766).


  3. Francis Bourn (1693-1758), the son of Jared Bourne and Elizabeth Brayton, was born _____, 1693 in Swansea, Massachusetts; and married Charity Wheaton (1697-1762) there on Feb.23, 1716. He died _________in 1758 in Swansea.

    children - BOURNE

    Jared Bourne (1718-1785).
    Sarah Bourne (1721-1810).
    Andrew Bourne (1722-1777), who follows:
    Stephen Bourne (1724-1758).
    Nathaniel Bourne (1725-1798).
    Rachel Bourne (1725-1811).
    Nathaniel Bourne (1725-1819).
    Francis Bourne (1730-1792).
    Content Bourne (1732-1820).


  4. Andrew Bourn (1722-1777), the son of Francis Bourn and Charity Wheaton (), was born ________, 1722 in Roxbury, Massachusetts; married Phebe Bain Richardson (1725-1810) on Feb. 23, 1744 in Church, West Virginia (Virginia in those days). He died March 15, 1777 in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

    children - BOURNE

    Andrew Bourne (1746-1814), who follows:
    Seth Bourne (1747-1832).
    John Bourne (1749-1820).
    Stephen Bourne (1752-1814).
    Phebe Bourne (1756-1811).
    Moses Bourne (1757-1824).
    Ann Bourne (1758-1758).
    Anna Bourne (1758-1840).
    Eleanor Bourne (1759-).
    Zebediah Bourne (1761-1762).
    Mary Bourne (1763-1840).
    Reuben Bourne (1765-1775).


  5. Andrew Bourn (1746-1814), the son of Andrew Bourn and Phebe Bain Richardson, was born Nov. 7, 1746 in Attleboro, Massachusetts; and married his first wife Sarah Cummings (1745-1826) there on April 13, 1769; and his second wife Lucinda Barrows in Attleboro as well on Jan.5, 1799. Andrew served as a sergeant in the American Revolution from Aug 23 to Sept 2, 1778 in Col. John Daggatt's regiment in Rhode Island in Capt. Elisha May's Company. He also served as a sergeant in Col. Isaac Dean's regiment, as a member of Capt. Samuel Robinson's Company on a march during an alarm to Tiverton, Rhode Island on Aug. 4, 1780. He died Sept 3, 1814 in Attleboro

    children - BOURNE (with Sarah Cummings)

    Andrew Bourne (1770-1813).
    Nehemiah Bourne (1772-1834), who follows:
    Sarah Bourne (1774-).
    Chloe Bourne (1777-1860).
    Hannah Bourne (1779-1832).
    Abraham Bourne (1781-1810).
    Molly Bourne (1774-1884).
    Phoebe Bourne (1786-1787).
    Fanny Bourne (1790-1852).


    children - BOURNE (with Lucinda Barrows)

    Harmon Bourne (1800-).
    Lucinda Bourne (1801-).


  6. Nehemiah Bourne (1772-1834), the son of Andrew Bourn and Sarah Cummings, was born May 14, 1772 in Attleboro, Massachusetts; married Sarah Barrows (1780-1844) there on Oct. 23, 1800. He died _________, 1834 in Rupert, Vermont.

    children - BOURNE

    Selinda Bourne (1802-1839).
    Nehemiah W. Bourne (1805-1805).
    Edmund Bourne (1806-1870).
    Otis Bourne (1807-).
    Milton Bourne (1810-1865), who follows:
    Sarah Bourne (1812-1880).


  7. Milton Bourne (1810-1865), the son of Nehemiah Bourne and Sarah Barrows, was born ________, 1810 in Attleboro, Massachusetts; and married his first wife Rebecca Miller (1813-1850)___________________in 1839 in Fox River, Illinois; and married his second wife Malinda Malvina Adeline Gardner (1829-1907) ___________________ on Aug. 12, 1850 in _____________, Wisconsin. He died May ___, 1865 in Macomb, Illinois.

    children - BOURNE (with Rebecca Miller)

    Olivia Bourne (1840-).
    Milton E. Bourne (1844-).
    Josephine Bourne (1845-1936).
    Charles Bourne (1847-1900).
    Warren Bourne (1849-).


    children - BOURNE (with Malinda Malvina Adeline Gardner)

    Lucy Antoinette Bourne (1853-1853).
    Henry Asbury Bourne (1854-).
    Wilbur Sherman Bourne (1854-).
    Fanny Luella Bourne (1861-1930).
    Fred Ellsworth Bourne (1864-1956), who follows:
    Alice Lonna Bourne (1865-1948).


  8. Fred Ellsworth Bourne (1864-1956), the son of Milton Bourne and Malinda Malvina Adeline Gardner, was born March 4, 1864 in Macomb, Illinois, and married Lucy Rose Barnes (1865-1964) on Dec. 23, 1891 in Nora Springs, Floyd County, Iowa. Lucy Barnes, like her husband Fred, has an ancestry extending back to the 1600s in Colonial America, which is covered in the Barnes Family Genealogy. Fred died Dec, 15, 1956 in Dos Palos, California.

    children - BOURNE

    Willard Stewart Bourne (1893-1988), who follows:
    Mildred Janet Bourne (1894-1972).
    Donald Ellsworth Bourne (1896-1995).


  9. Willard Stewart Bourne (1893-1988), the son of Fred Ellsworth Bourne and Lucy Rose Barnes, was born Jan 9, 1893 in Beatrice, Nebraska. He and his brother Donald were sent overseas to France with the U.S. Army during WWI, where they served at times in military labs running tests for germs, and such. Willard, a year or so after coming home from the war, married his first wife Shirley Jarrett (1902-1908) on Dec. 27, 1920 in Vallejo, California, Shirley being the daughter of Joseph Jarrett (1879-1934) and Alvina Doke (1882-1967). However, Willard and Shirley divorced at some point after their daughter Betty was born. Willard during Prohibition was working as a federal liquor inspector, when he was transferred in 1925 to Hawaii. There he married his second wife Elise Destinne Forester (1897-1952) on June 9, 1925 in Honolulu, on the same day as their arrival in the islands on the same ship. Willard, during his time in Hawaii, generally worked for local government and the military, until he landed a position in the late 1940s with the the Veterans Administration. He was still with the V.A. when Elsie predeceased him on Dec. 22, 1952 in Honolulu. Willard eventually retired from the V.A., and moved to Lemon Grove, CA, where he bought a fruit orchard. He died on Sept. 5, 1988 in San Diego, California. His ex-wife Shirley died on Sept 13, 1988 and is buried in Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California. His only child Betty Bourne follows.

    children - BOURNE

    Betty B. Bourne (b. 1921), who follows:


  10. Betty B. Bourne (b. 1921), the daughter of Willard Stewart Bourne and Shirley Jarrett was born on Aug. 20, 1921 in Siskiyou County, California. Her parents divorced when she was young, and when her mother Shirley married a third time, Betty was adopted by her stepfather Gordon Wesley Loney (1907-1993), the Loneys being one of the pioneer families of Gordon Valley in Napa County. Betty first married Henry Blake MacKenzie (b. Nov. 17, 1918), with whom she has three children, who are listed below. Her first husband died March 20, 1984 in Napa County, California, and he is buried in nearby Rockville Cemetery. Then Betty sometime around 1992 married her second husband John Derald Lopez (1920-2015), and lived with him for more than 20 years on her stepfather's old ranch, until she sold the property to her cousin Don Gordon, sometime after the 2015 death of John Lopez.

    children - MACKENZIE

    Carolyn Marie MacKenzie was born Aug. 30, 1942 in Solano County, California.
    Gerald Joseph MacKenzie was born March 3, 1945 in Solano County, California.
    Shirley Marian MacKenzie was born March 14, 1950 in Solano County, California.




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  • Governor, A. O. Bourn, and Bristol, R. I., 1875, "A Sketch of the Descendants of Jared Bourn who settled in Boston about the year 1630"




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