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The Carty Family

The ranch house (click the house to see the vineyard, with Twin Sisters peak in the background)

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The Carty Family

Mom & Dad (Jean & Bob)   |   50th wedding anniversary

Mom & Dad   |   Mom & the Girls |   Dad & Uncle Paul


Brother Bud (Rob Carty) & the Boys

Jade   |   Brother Bud   |   Bud & Bron


The Ken Carty Clan

Coralie & Kaila   |   Ken & Cameron


The Tom Carty Clan

Tom & Kim   |   (missing Evan)

Meredith       |         Chad             |       Garrett


The Klotz Clan
(Jane Carty)

Andrew at St. Marys   |   Jane & Don Klotz   |   Sara at Seattle Pacific

Don & Zachary   |   Jane & Sara   |   Will, Andrew & Don

The Clark Clan
(Janet Carty)

The Clark Family   |   Scottish Games

Jenn, Curtis, and Zachary Humphrey

Clark Family Home Page
Jennifer's Blog


Cars and Wagons

Old Ford   |   Old Wagon   |   Tractor


Ranch Residents

Turkeys in the birdbath   |   Metal Man   |   Ranch Cat hunting